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Sermon Series

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  • Armed and Dangerous

    Armed and Dangerous

    Armed and Dangerous is a 8 Part Series devoted to equipping saints on how to "Fight" for the Lord.

    Disc 1: What's Your Fight Plan?

    Disc 2: Put Your Belt On!

    Disc 3: Put Your Vest On!

    Disc 4: Put The Right Shoes On!

    Disc 5: Don't Forget Your Shields!

    Disc 6: Protection We Can't Live Without

    Disc 7: Dangerous

    Disc 8: An Attitude of Prayer

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  • Unfamiliar Territory

    Unfamiliar Territory

    Walking with God Through: Unfamiliar Territory

    Six Part Series

    1: An Unfamiliar Offering

    2. You Can Handle It

    3. An Overnight Success

    4.Drowning in Responsibility

    5. I've Never Been Here Before

    6.Dialogue in the Dark

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  • Mark’s of a True Disciple

    Mark’s of a True Disciple

    Mark's of a True Disciple

    3 Part Series

    1. Be Fruitful-Seven Keys to a Fruitful Life

    2. Whose Disciple Are You

    3. Love One Another








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  • Get A Grip !!!

    Get A Grip !!!


    5 Part Sermonic Series

    1. Two Things You Can't Afford To Loose..

    2. Don't Let The Fire Go Out...

    3. Do Something....

    4. Make It Do What It Do....

    5. I Give Myself Away....

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  • First Place

    First Place

    1. First Place in Everything

    2. First Place in My Church

    3. First Place in My Belief

    4. First Place in Me

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  • God Will

    God Will

    1. God Will Finish What He Started...

    2.God Will Provide

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